Veracyte Has Released Our Inaugural ESG Report READ NOW
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Veracyte Has Released Our Inaugural ESG Report READ NOW
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Our Approach
Veracyte's novel approach consistently brings to bear solutions that have not been considered in traditional diagnostics. We begin by asking the right questions to inform significant changes to patient care, enabling actionable, accurate and appropriate answers for each and every patient, while saving millions of dollars in unnecessary surgeries and other interventions.

We deploy rigorous science and technology to develop and validate our tests. We then collect extensive clinical utility data to demonstrate our tests’ ability to change what happens next for the patient. This approach has enabled us to consistently introduce new tests that physicians will use and that patients’ insurance will cover.

In addition to making our genomic tests available in the United States through our central laboratories, we believe our exclusive access to the nCounter Analysis System, a best-in-class diagnostics platform, positions us to deliver our tests to patients worldwide through laboratories and hospitals that can perform them locally.