• At Veracyte we are redefining diagnostic truth and changing patient care as we know it. Our tests are improving the lives of patients, providing them with a clear path forward. We, in our various roles at Veracyte, are doing something REAL.

    We embrace challenges—the more complex, the better. We are laser-focused and know how to prioritize. We act
  • with a sense of urgency, because when it comes to advancing patient care, every minute matters. We take ownership of our work and are deeply committed to the success of our team. And, above all, we value integrity—in our work and how we treat all our stakeholders, including each other.

    Join us as we transform healthcare.
  • Science alone is not useful until it starts to touch our lives, every day. I’m proud that we have put the best science forward to help people, every day, and are continuing to do so, every day!
    - Mike H.
      Research and Development
  • I’m excited to get up and come to work every day knowing I make a difference in the healthcare industry, helping solve a necessary need and ultimately impacting patients’ lives in a positive way.
    - Katie B.
      Clinical Research
  • I take great pride in working for a company of dedicated individuals constantly striving to deliver well-validated solutions that truly solve some of the key problems affecting the healthcare system.
    - Joel M.
      Marketing – Afirma
  • For me, it’s the notion of “pioneering”—we are addressing unmet needs and markets, and helping to shape the future of health care.
    - Jennifer H.
      Human Resources
Awards and Recognitions
At Veracyte, we have been consistently recognized for our leadership, innovation, culture and achievements.