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  • Afirma® Genomic Sequencing Classifier
    The Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier helps reduce unnecessary surgeries and inform treatment decisions in thyroid cancer diagnosis.
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  • Percepta® Genomic Sequencing Classifier
    The Percepta Genomic Sequencing Classifier stratifies the risk of primary lung cancer to guide patient management.
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  • Envisia® Genomic Classifier
    The Envisia Genomic Classifier helps to differentiate idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis from other interstitial lung diseases without the need for invasive surgery.
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  • Veracyte Laboratory
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  • Veracyte Laboratory
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  • Veracyte Laboratory
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  • Percepta B-roll Footage
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  • Envisia B-roll Footage

  • Bill Vick, IPF Patient and Founder, PF Warriors

  • Veracyte: Leading in the Age of Evidence
Note to media: Broadcast-quality videos are available. Please contact for more information.


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