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HalioDx is Now Part of Veracyte! Learn About HalioDx Read the Press Release
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our approach
As a pioneer in genomic diagnostics Veracyte's novel approach consistently brings to bear solutions that have not been considered in traditional diagnostics. We begin by asking the right questions to inform significant changes to patient care, enabling actionable, accurate and appropriate answers for each and every patient, while saving millions of dollars in unnecessary surgeries and other interventions.
This is the Age of Evidence
Veracyte sits solidly at the forefront of a massive shift from experience-based medicine to redefined diagnostic clarity. Our consistent results are achieved by:
Answering the Right
Clinical Question.
We develop genomic tests that answer a specific, relevant clinical question and, when used at the optimal point in the clinical pathway, can help change the trajectory of care for patients—enabling many to avoid unnecessary surgery.

Deploying Scientific Rigor.
Once we know how our test will need to perform in order to change patient care, we apply rich genomic science and machine learning, based on our world-class expertise in biomarker discovery and classifier development. We then conduct rigorous clinical validation trials to drive inclusion in medical guidelines.

Building the Evidence.
We design and initiate clinical utility  and cost-effectiveness studies early  on so that we can quickly and  effectively demonstrate value to  physicians and payers.

Achieving Coverage  and Reimbursement.
We leverage our robust clinical  evidence and our expertise in payer  relations to gain payer coverage  policies and in-network contracts,  which facilitate test adoption and  optimal reimbursement.