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HalioDx is Now Part of Veracyte! Learn About HalioDx Read the Press Release
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age of evidence
Evidence is the basis for what drives good science. It's the foundation of the future of healthcare and the way in which we treat or don’t treat each and every patient. It's the difference between a guess and an answer, a diagnostic odyssey and clarity on what to do next.
Today, we sit at the nexus of big data, analytics, technology and science fueling a relentless curiosity to know more. In the midst of the biggest transition in the history of healthcare we are fundamentally changing diagnostics and patient care. Resolving ambiguity with evidence that is trustworthy, actionable and has a proven, positive impact on patient care.
This is the Age of Evidence.
Where a new definition of diagnostic truth is changing patient care as we know it. Where physicians and patients can now benefit from the evolution of healthcare and know, by design, the answers they seek.

In reviewing the evidence, the committee concluded that most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences.
Improving Diagnostics in Healthcare
Committee on Diagnostic Error in Healthcare
Institute of Medicine
September 2015
Veracyte gives patients a clearer path for the future.
Veracyte is leading in the Age of Evidence.

As a pioneer in genomic diagnostics, Veracyte's novel approach consistently brings to bear solutions that the field has not considered previously. Asking the right questions to inform changes to patient care, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary surgeries while enabling actionable, accurate and appropriate answers for each and every patient.

This is a new era in medicine.
Where Veracyte sits solidly at the forefront of a massive shift from scientific discovery to diagnostic clarity with:

  • Relevance
    We start by asking the clinical questions that matter. Our genomic tests answer these questions, informing clinical care decisions and delivering value to physicians, patients and payers.
  • Rigor
    We utilize deep scientific and clinical rigor to develop, validate and assess the clinical utility of our genomic tests, giving physicians and patients confidence in their results.
  • Resolution
    We provide physicians and their patients real answers, enabling a clear path forward and dramatically reducing unnecessary diagnostic surgeries for patients.
At Veracyte, we are doing something REAL.