A broader view of MRD

We combine broad whole-genome tumor data with sophisticated AI to transform how cancer is monitored.

Our solution utilizes a combination of AI pattern recognition and whole-genome sequencing to provide fast and accurate detection of residual disease. This approach requires less blood and offers faster results, leading to earlier detection and improved outcomes. By adopting a whole-genome approach, we can detect cancer variants occurring across the entire genome. Our first MRD test will be for muscle invasive bladder cancer. If you would like to receive updates, please contact us.

Our platform

Veracyte MRD assay and AI-driven pipeline

We use whole genome sequencing to characterize the complete set of cancer mutations in the tumor tissue sample and blood (also called landmark), and then apply artificial intelligence to detect if there are traces of cancer in subsequent blood samples during follow up.

More data. Deeper insights.


Across the entire genome, we identify the genetic pattern of a patient’s cancer across thousands of data points, using our proprietary computation and AI methods to develop an in silico patient-specific signature. Because we are doing this using whole-genome data we save time compared to methods that require the develop of a patient-specific bespoke panel, without sacrificing performance. The genomic signature developed allows accurate and robust tracking of tumor progression as it evolves during patient treatment and follow up.


In JCO: “Lab validation of an ultrasensitive ctDNA pan-cancer MRD assay using whole-genome sequencing.”

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A differentiated WGS-based platform for MRD

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Less blood

Uses just one tube of blood (<4ml plasma)

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Faster results

Results in days vs weeks using AI driven, in silico signatures

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Earlier detection

Widest view of the tumor genetic landscape using whole genome sequencing

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Better outcomes

Faster results with deeper insights to inform care decisions

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Opportunities for Collaboration

We are looking to collaborate with therapeutic partners and clinical researchers who are interested in utilizing the Veracyte MRD Assay in their research projects and development work. Our collaborations can take various forms, and we have the capability to operate across multiple geographies. If you have a project that might benefit from this technology, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.