Business Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Reporting a Concern

Veracyte has established different ways for individuals to raise matters of concern regarding the business conduct, ethical, legal or other issues related to the way Veracyte is conducting its business. One avenue for raising such issues, the Veracyte Hotline, is described below. Additional avenues are identified in our Code of Conduct. Veracyte takes all reports seriously and has a process in place to handle all reports on a case-by-case basis.


Contacting the Business Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Main Number: 877.813.7431

Webform URL:

The Business Ethics and Compliance Hotline (“Hotline”) offers two options for making a report or asking a question, both hosted by a third-party vendor and available globally 24 hours a day, every day. A concern can be reported or a question asked through the telephone line or webform. Calls are not recorded, and IP addresses are not retained.

In most places, reports to the Business Ethics and Compliance Hotline can be made anonymously (see further information on Anonymity and Confidentiality below). The reporter will be asked for details about the issue or question and given a unique reference number for follow up. Though not required, individuals are encouraged to leave a name and number in case additional information is needed.

Reporters can contact the Hotline at any time during the process to request follow-up information or final feedback using the reference number originally given when the concern was reported. Please be aware that we may be limited in the information that can be shared.

Note that investigations may take some time. Please know that appropriate actions are being taken even if it may take a while to close a report.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

While reports to the Hotline may be made anonymously (except in those few countries where anonymity is legally not allowed), some concerns such as Privacy reports, requests for guidance, and human resources concerns, are more efficiently handled if contact information is provided. Without sufficient details, Veracyte may not be able to investigate the matter fully or take appropriate action.