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There is really no greater satisfaction than having a patient express their appreciation for what you do. And providing clear answers is a large part of building that relationship. I consistently look for tests that deliver the evidence and answers to help guide patient care. It’s all about the evidence.
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Endocrine Associates of Long Island
This is the Age of Evidence.
Where a new definition of diagnostic truth is changing patient care as we know it. Where physicians and patients can now benefit from the evolution of healthcare and know, by design, the answers they seek.

Veracyte gives patients a clearer path for the future.

We are leading in the Age of Evidence.
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The Age
of Evidence
Veracyte's genomic tests have the potential to save billions of dollars each year in unnecessary surgery costs.
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Highlighted by National Cancer Institute
NCI highlights lung cancer early detection work behind Percepta in its annual plan
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Answers That Set New Standards
Veracyte’s CEO named as one of 2017’s Fiercest Women in Life Sciences

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Dec 4, 2017
Veracyte’s CEO Named as one of 2017’s Fiercest Women in Life Sciences

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Nov 28, 2017
Veracyte Announces Publication of Data Confirming Analytical Validity of Envisia Genomic Classifier for Use in IPF Diagnosis

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Nov 21, 2017
Next Generation Genomic Sequencer Improves Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

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