Exceptional cancer care begins with exceptional diagnostics.

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C2i Genomics is now a part of Veracyte

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Clinicians and patients may struggle with uncertainty during cancer diagnosis and treatment decision-making. Our tests can help them move forward with confidence.

Tests that help clinicians guide and assure patients at pivotal moments

There are pivotal moments in a patient’s cancer care journey where key decisions can impact the patient’s pathway and outcome. Whether diagnosing suspicious symptoms or determining treatment next steps, deciding on the best path forward can be a challenging and uncertain endeavor without the right data. Veracyte’s tests provide answers that enable clinicians and their patients to make more informed and confident decisions. Our diagnostic and prognostic tests provide clarity for some of the most complex diseases, helping patients avoid unnecessary procedures and speeding time to appropriate diagnosis and treatment.


Understanding cancer at the molecular level enables more personalized approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Veracyte’s tests deliver actionable insights rooted in both the known and the novel.

OUR proven framework

Veracyte’s approach to diagnostics

We collaborate closely with clinicians and scientists to identify unmet needs that stand in the way of better care. And then, we find the answers. Our rigorous process enables more confident decision-making for clinicians, giving patients access to a higher standard of care.

We seek to make leading diagnostics accessible to patients all over the world.


The number of patients our tests have benefited.1


The number of people globally each year who are diagnosed with a cancer that our tests address.2-4


Identify clinical unmet needs

We work with clinicians and scientists to develop our tests. Through a rigorous multi-disciplinary innovation process we identify unmet needs and create solutions that make clinicians’ and patients’ lives easier.


Develop high-performance tests

We take a rigorous approach to ensuring product performance and utility, building evidence across a broad range of studies. Clinicians and patients need high-quality, reliable results they can trust.


Ramp patient testing globally

We make our leading diagnostics widely available through a flexible CLIA- and in vitro diagnostic (IVD)-based model. We supplement this with our proven ability to build clinical evidence that drives reimbursement, encourages clinician adoption, and prompts guideline inclusion for our tests.

ESG Report

Veracyte’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report sets the foundation for our ESG performance and articulates our ambitions to build a more sustainable, equitable future.

Making our tests available worldwide

Through our centralized CLIA lab-based approach in the US and our growing menu of distributed IVDs to serve global markets, we aim to transform cancer care for patients all over the world.

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Join our team

Veracyte offers fulfilling career opportunities for curious, driven, and patient-oriented people who are inspired to find answers to some of the most challenging questions in medicine. Join us.


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