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Veracyte Has Released Our Inaugural ESG Report READ NOW
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Decipher® Bladder Genomic Test
Revealing cancer molecular subtype to inform treatment decisions

Decipher Bladder is a genomic test that measures the molecular profile of bladder cancer using gene expression analysis from transurethral resected bladder tumor specimens. The test was developed for bladder cancer patients with high-grade non-muscle-invasive disease who are being considered for treatment and patients with muscle-invasive disease who face the question of immediate cystectomy or systemic treatment in the neoadjuvant setting prior to cystectomy (NAC). Decipher Bladder reports the molecular subtype of the tumor specimen as Luminal or Non-Luminal (Luminal Infiltrated, Basal, Basal Claudin-Low or Neuroendocrine-like), with each subtype having distinct biological composition, clinical behavior and predicted benefit from NAC.

The Decipher Bladder test is supported by multiple peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrating its ability to identify which patients have a higher risk of upstaging to non-organ confined disease at surgery and which patients may benefit the most from neoadjuvant therapy. The test also can be used to identify neuroendocrine-like and immune-infiltrated subtypes, which may have implications for future therapeutic strategies. Veracyte began making the Decipher Bladder test available to physicians and their patients in the fall of 2021.

Decipher Bladder

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