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We engage in strategic collaborations with biopharmaceutical researchers to provide comprehensive support for their cancer drug development initiatives

We offer a wide range of tools and services to support translational research, clinical development, commercial access, and companion diagnostics. We utilize multi-omics, transcriptomics, and genomic testing services powered by our extensive databases and cutting-edge analytics to empower pharmaceutical partners at every stage of their cancer research and drug development, ensuring confidence in their progress.

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Translational research

We provide essential data on patient biomarkers, genomics, and disease characteristics, guiding researchers in understanding disease mechanisms, developing treatments, and bridging the gap between lab discoveries and clinical applications to enhance patient outcomes.

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Clinical development

We support clinical development by helping to identify suitable patients, monitor treatment effectiveness, and ensure safety. These capabilities help inform trial design, optimize patient selection, and advance new cancer treatments.

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Commercial access

We facilitate commercial access by providing evidence of clinical utility, aiding regulatory approvals, and guiding reimbursement strategies. This information enables successful market entry for new drugs and associated therapies, enhancing commercialization efforts.

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Companion diagnostics

Through our end-to-end service model, we identify target patient populations and support the full companion diagnostics process, including assay development, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Multi-omics testing services

Our comprehensive suite of multi-omics testing services is built on a foundation of deep expertise in genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and more. This empowers us to precisely match the most suitable technologies to the specific requirements of our biopharmaceutical partners in their pursuit of innovative oncology drug development solutions. Our tailored approach helps ensure that each partner’s unique needs are met with precision and effectiveness.

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Spatial proteomics

We offer spatial biology and image analysis, multiplex assays, and custom IHC panels to provide actionable and efficient insights into the tumor microenvironment (TME).


Our sequential brightfield chromogenic immunohistochemistry platform enables the use of one FFPE slide to perform 7-plex IHC testing that can identify complex cell phenotypes, while preserving valuable tissue. We offer 50+ ready-to-use panels and can develop customized panels depending on our partners’ needs. Our data analysis team subsequently provides insights on the underlying mechanisms of therapy response and resistance at the individual and cohort level.

Customized IHC assays

We offer customized simplex, duplex or multiplex IHC assays, combined with digital pathology analysis of the entire FFPE slide, to provide novel insights into the tumor microenvironment (TME).

Immunoscore IC®

We provide quantitative analysis of PD-L1+ and CD8+ cells, as well as proximity measurement among these cells, on a single tissue section using imaging tools and a proprietary algorithm provides key information about the tumor immune contexture and response to immunotherapy.

Immunoscore CR®

We offer quantitative analysis of CD3+ and CD8+ cells in the tumor core and invasive margin on resected tissue sections using digital pathology analysis and a proprietary algorithm to evaluate patients’ immune response.

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Our services include whole-transcriptome analysis using next generation sequencing or microarray platforms, targeted gene expression signatures and proprietary assays to advance drug research programs.

Whole-transcriptome analysis

Our RNA sequencing and microarray capabilities enable comprehensive analysis of gene expression across the whole transcriptome. We also offer commercially available testing panels such as Illumina TruSight panels on NextSeq instruments for gene expression, as well as variant and fusion detection, across key cancer genes.

nCounter® Analysis System testing

We have exclusive clinical diagnostics rights to the nCounter Analysis System, which enables simultaneous RNA expression analysis of up to 800 genes. We offer existing assays or can develop custom panels for our research partners.

Proprietary assays on the nCounter® Analysis System

Our array of proprietary assays includes:

Lymphmark™: an investigational assay currently in development as a companion diagnostic. Lymphmark utilizes gene-expression profiling to classify the “cell of origin” subtype of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Prosigna®: an assay that provides a prognostic score in early-stage breast cancer by combining the PAM50 gene expression signature with clinical-pathologic features. Outside of the US, it is also used to provide PAM50 molecular subtype information.


This tool is available as a gene signature panel that provides unique information on adaptive immunity. Assay results allow clinical researchers to conduct pre- and post-treatment immune monitoring.

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Our services include whole-exome sequencing, targeted gene panels, custom DNA panels and TCR profiling to help accelerate discovery.

Whole-exome sequencing

Our offerings include analysis of the full exome, targeted gene variant identification, tumor mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) scores.

Targeted DNA panels

We offer analysis of targeted gene expression and fusions detection using commercially available panels.

Custom DNA panels

We offer development of targeted, custom research panels for sequencing specific targets or genomic content of interest.

TCR profiling

This capability enables the assessment of TCR B (CDR3 region) clonality (counts), and diversity from a targeted exome sequencing assay.

Powerful databases and analytics

Our powerful databases and analytics capabilities enable biopharmaceutical companies to use an evidence-driven approach for their clinical programs, helping to accelerate discovery and reduce uncertainty.

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Data insights

Our services include access to robust databases and an experienced biostatics and bioinformatics team who offer uniquely integrated and interpreted data to help accelerate discovery and reduce uncertainty.

Veracyte Biopharma Atlas®

This comprehensive cancer reference database includes H&E pathology, spatial proteomic, transcriptomic, genomic, clinical and follow-up data. This database can generate a variety of outputs including high-resolution biomarker maps which can be used to define patient subsets and inform clinical outcome interpretation.

Decipher GRID RWD database

The Decipher Genomics Resource for Intelligent Discovery (GRID) database includes linked longitudinal medical records and patient outcomes, along with whole-transcriptome data and gene expression signatures in over 93,000 prostate cancer samples.

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